CCK11 How I see criticism and learning theories

I am glad to learn Ailsa’s views about ANT and Connectivism. Your quote: “Criticism that hands down sentences sends me to sleep; I’d like a criticism of scintillating leaps of the imagination.” resonated with my experience. Criticism is like a double- edged sword, it could be disruptive or destructive to relationship, if delivered with an inappropriate tone. However, it could also spark new understanding of each others, when done in a constructive manner, which would enlighten us to reflect more deeply about our relationship with others, and thus gain a better insight into all those theories with multiple perspectives. May be it is a matter of interpretation and perspective amongst people when it comes to all learning theories of our time.

Don’t we all have our own preferences of learning, and autonomy in choosing what suits us best in our life?

Thanks Ailsa for your great insights.

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