#CCK11 A short reflection on groups and networks

I enjoyed the game, where every one wins, and no one loses, as Steve mentioned. Blogging is personal, so that’s why the person (blogger) is always winning, as the competition could be with him/herself only.

In a group game, that is challenging! There are rules (conditions apply!) You got to be members of the group to contribute.

And in a team game, it is even related to agreed goals. There are winners, and losers, as in sports teams. If you are in a strong winning team, you may win, though you may equally lose, if your competitor is stronger than you.

But networks are different, you could join or leave, as you wish, at any time, seemingly with “no obligation”, and when you win, what would you do? You go on to win! When you lose, what would you do? Would you try to win again? I could see this game being played out by all nodes in networks. Is networking a game (with etiquette – both explicit and tacit)? Have we started the game? Aren’t we playing the self-organising game? No pressure as Steve said!

Which of the above are groups, teams, collectives, networks?

This reminds me of the traces of behaviorism we still observe in groups, teams and networks.