#CCK11 When is the learner (connectivist) ready?

This is a parody of my previous post:

When the course is ready, the learner appears,

When the learner is ready, the teacher appears,

When the teacher is ready, the theory appears,

When the theory is ready, the education appears,

When the education is ready, the technology appears,

When the technology is ready, the network appears,

When the network is ready, the learner appears,

When the learner is ready, the purpose appears.

So what is the purpose for the learner?  Learning and development…..

In adult learning, one of the most important assumption is that:

“Adult learns best when he or she is allowed to make his/her own learning decisions”.  Everyone should be free to do this.  And this is fundamental in adult’s education.

For K-12 learning, learning decisions depend on the readiness and skills level of the learner.  Adults (include teachers, parents) are there as mentors, coaches, guides and support.   They are there to empower the learners to become independent (autonomous) learners eventually.

So that’s why metacognitive learning skills (learning how to learn) is important.

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Steve response:

When the teacher is ready and they appreciate and understand how to apply technology,
the course is ready and the student appears
When the student appears, education appears
When education appears, the network appears
When the network appears, learning really kicks in :-)
When learning kicks in it will hit you from all angles. (bang bang, bang, rat a tat tat)

just on the adult learning – they may want to be free and they may like being free, but they still need guidance on their educational journey as they may not actually know what is best for themselves.