#CCK11 Should teachers blog?

Good advice from this Should student teachers blog?

Teachers won’t blog if the risks involved are greater than the value it derives from it. I also think it requires courage to publish blogs in public, as beginning teachers could easily “cross” the line, that would lead to serious consequences. “Be professional, be responsible, and be ready to admit my mistakes and correct them” is my motto in blogging.

My 20c share.. Thanks for making me think.

It is no surprise that a lot of businesses and institutions are posting social media guidelines and are expecting employees, educators and learners to follow strictly. “Make no mistakes, post and say the right things, think about the consequences and implications of any postings that would impact on others, educators and learners, the organisation, partners, stakeholders, etc.”

“Make a declaration that the information you posted does not represent the organisation’s views.”

Implications for bloggers

Some people are afraid that the artifacts would leave a less than perfect impression with their current employers, or potential employers, especially when they are perceived as a polluter of media, in the education or business media, that may not fully reflect an institution’s vision or mission.  That is understandable.

Blogging is a very private and personal “business”, and when presented as a personal blog, should and would not be in conflict with any business and organisation, especially when the bloggers are making personal voices that are based on facts, or views and perceptions that they think are important.

Besides, bloggers like me are using blogs as a means to think and reflect on “current education and learning affairs”, where a critical analysis is necessary to achieve meaningful learning.

See the horses. How did they learn?  No pain,  no gain! But have fun, through blogging your views and feelings.  And be free.

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3 thoughts on “#CCK11 Should teachers blog?

  1. I agree with you. Let’s talk about the white horses. If we shut down people’s right to express their opinions, we are not the U.S. Blogs are a great place to learn how to communicate, and mistakes will be made. But censorship is wrong.

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