Fractals II

Thanks also for Matthias great encouragement in exploring this parable.  Someone said Fractal was even the thumb print of God (see the video of my previous post), I don’t know if that is the case, though I think this might be one of the greatest discovery in history of mankind.  Aren’t we now living in an era of Chaos and Fractals?  Both may be a reflection of the birth and development of all forms of life and physical objects, both physically and sensationally (visually) – from the growing of plants, trees, to human, to animal’s skin pattern, to the clouds, and shapes of mountain etc.  Even the lightning and thunders are patterns of fractals, as I would conceive, down to the conversations we have, where the uttering could simply be “fractals” formed in our mind, when I am now putting them into words, and typing them character by character here on the keyboard.  Every single keyboarding is a form of fractal reflective of thoughts in mind.   We are just repeating these actions without such consciousness, and may be not too many people would think about it this way.
How did fractal happen in my mind?
For me, I would utter such words ” in a silent mode” in my brain, whilst pressing the keys to type out the words.  So such mapping of utterance and keyboarding seems to be repeating its iteration throughout the whole process of thinking, and reflection.  I would then imagine myself to be the reader, and re-read the message to check my comprehension.  This sort of fractal patterning is also quite obvious in writing or typing.  I would be searching through the right pattern of words while writing or typing words of a message.  How would all these relate to Stephen’s conceptions here of the Hebbian Associationism, Accidental, or proximity-based, Associationism, Backward propagation and Boltzman Associationism?
I am more interested in practising the actual connections making, whether with ideas or people. I don’t care much about what that is called, or the pedagogy, which might sound too superior for educators and intimidating for others.
So, parables, I like what you would call them.  As you are a Christian too, we are under the same roof, and the same “language” per se.  It is not the fame we should seek, but the love through connection.  But I am not trying to open up the Bible, because we have it in our hearts – the Words of God, if we are truly living out our life through and with HIM.

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