#CCK11 Educator’s Role in an online-learning course or network

Here is a post by Michelle Everson on instructor’s role in online discussion, she says:

I can clarify subjects that are confusing for students or provide them with other examples to ponder. I can share some of my own thoughts and experiences as a way to help the students get to know me better and feel more comfortable communicating with me.

Sounds good to me.

I started to review some of the roles mentioned here.

Stephen provides a unique perspective on Role of Educators where he elaborates:

The Facilitator — such a person makes the learning space comfortable. Their role is to cove the process or the conversation forward, but within a broad range of parameters that will stress clarity, order, inclusiveness, and good judgment.

Here I would like to reflect on my previous post on Role of Teacher in an online course.  I think this is also time for a thorough research into the role of educators in online course or network.

refer to this [PDF] Leading the band: The role of the instructor in online learning for educators

[PDF] from psu.edu

This article focuses on what educators/participants consider to be the roles and responsibilities of the online instructor. They see the online instructor as facilitator, model, planner, coach, and communicator. They describe how these roles are uniquely tuned in the online environment.

I think it could be interesting to compare the suggested roles of educators developed by different educators and researchers and see if there are any emergent roles common across different educators in a MOOC and PLENK, and how such roles are fulfilled.

Are participants of MOOC also fulfilling part of the roles of educators here?


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