#CCK11 Complexity of Knowledge and Learning

Wonderfully said in this post on complexity of knowledge by Keith.  I think those are the concepts behind more “complex learning” where ideas shared in the conversation are interpreted differently due to our different experiences, skills and perceptions of the world.  Could this be reflected also in our real world face to face communication and networking?  I suppose, these could be inherent in any networking situations, only that we would prefer to appreciate each others’ views, rather than challenging each other, as in the case of face to face conversation.  The Paris example well illustrates the complexity of ideas “transmission” and interpretation.  The premise is that we are still basing on the English language: “What is Paris?” And that different people may interpret such simple question in a slightly different way.  How about this video on Japan?

What do you see the life of Japan is like?  You could get thousands of different views and perceptions just with one snapshot, and with just a few networkers.

So, isn’t that the complexity of learning in a language as a Complex Adaptive System (CAS)?

….it is already quite clear that some general principles are emerging to understand how a group of distributed agents might autonomously generate communication systems of the complexity of human natural language. These principles are: reinforcement learning, self-organisation, selection, co-evolution through structural coupling,and level formation. It is not surprising that all these principles have been inspired by biology. The view that emerges from this research is that language can best be seen as a living system that is continuously evolving and adapting in a cultural process based on the distributed activity of its users. Consequently the computational investigations into genetic evolution, ant path formation, neural networks, and other biological systems are an important source of insight.


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