#CCK11 PLE and PLN

Damoclarky’s post on PLE and PLN: Great analysis. Spot on.  I have also blogged about the learning and Teaching for Quality Learning at University, written by John Biggs.  Lindsay also shared her views here.  And I came to similar conclusions as Damo and Lindsay.  Refer to this video here for details.

I understand Australian education system, which is quite different from many other Asian or UK/USA/Canadian systems.  So would the education system affect how and why PLE or PLN would be applied?  How about the learners learning under such education system?  What are the implications?

Forcing students to create their own PLE/PLN and be able to manage their learning through this personalised environment is thwart with danger.  Even if you spend the time developing students’ abilities to manage their own learning, doesn’t mean that they will actually do it. (Damo)

That is the challenge!  I have experienced some of these in the past years, but that does mean that there are risks involved in trying PLE/PLN in an institutional educational environment.  One of which is to decide whether it should be open or closed.


2 thoughts on “#CCK11 PLE and PLN

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