#CCK11 If it is easy, everyone is doing it

I enjoy watching this video

Is the deepest learning about research in universities?

Great to learn in University.

If it is easy, everyone is doing it. Is everyone doing social networking? If no, is it easy?  If social networking is easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?

What will the future of university look like? A research institution? A learning institution? Or a teaching institution?

How about the students?  What would they look like in the future? Researchers? Learners? Teachers? Thinkers? Practitioners?

Photo: From ZaidLearn post

Photo: From a blog or Flickr?

What are your questions relating to the future of Higher Education?

Is networking the key to HE?


2 thoughts on “#CCK11 If it is easy, everyone is doing it

  1. The last photo or graphic is from my blog, which I mashed up in PowerPoint 🙂

    If Higher Education don’t wake up to the new world soon, and people really found out about today’s possibilities to learn for free… The prospects are not good 🙂

    Some Universities and programmes will prosper, some will just survive, while others will vanish
    within a few years.

    Hopefully not as bad as the publishing and news media industry 🙂

    But you never know 😦

  2. Hi Zaid,

    Thanks for your sharing, and the photo. Your picture worths more than thousand words, and thanks for reminding me that it was your mash up :). I am glad that I could properly acknowledge it now.

    Yes, we never know. That’s why we need to critique, innovate and keep sharing and contributing to help in the bridging of HE. The ubiquity of social networks and media, Web 2.0, Web x.0 etc. will drive the discourse, research and continuous networked learning at a phenomenal and exponential manner un-paralleled in human history. The disruption on publishing and news media industry is a reflection and a wake up call.

    I would like to write a paper to draw up the trend on this new world of education. That’s my next goal though.


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