#CCK11 Future of Education and Digital Scholarship

Here is The Tower and The Cloud

p43: What is, and what should be the university’s commitment to the widespread dissemination of scholarship, particularly that created by its own faculty?

p45. Is the dissemination of scholarship, then a fundamental part of the mission of the university?

p46. It is worthy noting that what seems to be a growing number of faculty are beginning to push for greater openness and of the underlying evidence that supports scholarship.

In the conclusion:

Two questions:

– Institutional responsibility for dissemination of scholarship

– Institutional responsibility for the stewardship of scholarship

I then reflect on this

Digital, network and agents are all co-evolving in the tower and the cloud, which may blur the boundaries in between them in an education and learning ecology.

Here Steve has created numerous posts  relating to 2020 curriculum, classroom and learners.

So what would be the topical interests in future education?



Learning – here I think personalization of learning and education would be a reality when PLE/PLN are more widespread at the time

School of the future and my previous post on Future of education

Do we still have the great walls?  They look digital too!

Photo: from Flickr?

6 thoughts on “#CCK11 Future of Education and Digital Scholarship

  1. This tension between open access and control, open source vs proprietary, has been ongoing since the earliest days of computing. This – education – may end up being the most effective way to keep the networks open

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