#CCK11 Networked Learning

Referring to my previous post on reflection, so if we (CCK) are not yet a Community of Practice, would CCK be just a network?  Or….

Would we be coming at an intersection between Community of Practice (COP) and Networks of Practice (NOP) in these MOOC & CCK?

How about my proposition? The nuance in COP and NOP leads to emergent practice in networked learning.  Such practice is morphing along three convoluted trajectories around networks-

(1) technology enhanced learning – networks (based principally with Personal Learning Environment and Personal Learning Networks) – where educators and learners are interconnected with a diverse range of tools, the “weak ties” interact with agents around the networks.

(2) social media and learning networks (based principally with a  blend of Community and Network approach) – where educators and learners are situated in both networks and communities, but are switching from one network to another community and vice versa depending on individual’s needs and social identity with the communities or networks.

(3) institutional based educational and research networks  (based principally with Learning Management Systems) – where educators and learners are situated within a formal online system, with teaching and learning bound under institutional protocols.

Photo: From Terry Anderson

These three networks structure are superimposing and overlapping each others – and the emergent nature of networks grown by each learner is dependent on his/her interaction with the networks in place.

What this means is that one could be situated in amongst different networks and communities, as shown above, at the same time, but ones exact location within that network would move along different pathways, with different “roles” and behavior, which is emergent, due to the complex interaction with other agents in the networks.

Would this be more representative of what most of us (in CCK or MOOC) are actually positioned in our journey in the networks – i.e. a cross section of COP and NOP? Many participants may just be the lurkers in CCK (i.e Legitimate Peripheral Participants (LPP) in COP and NOP.  Some may be active participants in various NOP, but just LPP in COP.  A few may be active contributors in COP and NOP.

From CCK11 referred link:

Will this be the future VLE?

Or would it look like this in the future?

3 thoughts on “#CCK11 Networked Learning

  1. Hi John;
    Your last graphic is most relevant for me, especially if you consider the accelerating nature of the timeline. Change is happening fast! Lave & Wenger developed their ideas about situated learning to be descriptive and to counter the over-reliance on the individualistic models of the time. I think it is better to remain descriptive and not proscriptive – that is to describe what is happening and what we need to learn instead of fitting what we see into a pre-established model. I see the past of education as bounded – by course, by time, by location, by discipline, by revenue streams, etc. . .. I see the future as breaking out of those boundaries.
    The pragmatic web: a manifesto says that the semantic Web will fail in purpose because meaning is too complex and individualistic. The Pragmatic Web will attempt to fulfill this promise and will do this through (according to Wikipedia) “The transformation of existing information into information relevant to a group of users or an individual user (and) includes the support of how users locate, filter, access, process, synthesize and share information”. I think we’re in the emergent pragmatic web, but what will it look like. Moshe Vardi, Editor in Chief of Communications of the ACM, in an article about fumbling the future (vol 54 Issue 3) said; The future looks clear only in hindsight. It is rather easy to practically stare at it and not see it.

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