#CCK11 Openness in Education, Knowledge and Learning

This  video tells the story

What are the characteristics of the best education institutions in the world?

Who would take the lead in providing the best education that suits their people?

Will it be those universities which could leverage the connective and collective intelligence of people and technology?  Will it be based on webs, the social networks, and internet in the world?

The internet points us to the direction of such “super-education”, with Web 2.0, tools and technology, and educators, experts and learners


– links connect us to the world of ideas, information, artefacts, knowledge, networks, communities, institutions, and  people

– connections open up new opportunities of knowledge creation and learning development

– people are having dialogues and conversations in a 24/7, and where networks are ubiquitous

– information are shared openly and freely

– people are sharing their ideas, beliefs, values, and

– cooperation, collaboration in the webs, networks, communities could happen, if you want to, and if you need to

When we reflect on the methods of education and learning we have used, or those we currently are using, what do we find?

Question 1.

Are we educating openly? Are we using internet in our education? Are we encouraging our next generation to leverage the power of social networks and internet in their learning development?  Are we valuing each other as resources in the connections and in the web of network?  Are we sharing with others what we know? Are we learning from and with each others?

Then contrast these questions with the following:

Question 2.

Are we forbidding internet in our education with our learners? Are we discouraging our next generation to use social networks and internet for their development? Are we neglecting the needs and requests of our fellow educators and learners in the web of network? Are we telling others what to learn because that is how we have been educated?

Are we setting examinations and tests based on right or wrong answers only?  Do we treat our students in the lecture theatre as another big group to be filled with knowledge that we once have? Do we think we know all the knowledge when we lecture?

Are your answers yes or no to the above?  Why?

Are we still teaching in a way that don’t fit into the needs of our learners?  We could tell our learners that there is a choice, and that choice is to learn together with those who are knowledgeable or learn by themselves.  What would you recommend?

Has the internet really opened up openness in education, knowledge and learning?  To this, I will explore in future papers…

I will need to stay away and write papers.  So, hope to see you back soon.

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