#CCK11 Changing views and systems

I think this coming week’s topic on Changing views, changing systems would sum up WHY Connectivism is important for the present and future education and learning.


I would like to borrow the big 3 questions from here:

Relating to education and learning at present and the future:

1. What is the purpose of education for our present and future generation?

2. Tell us about one experience that changed the way you view the world (the education, learning – social and individual learning etc.)

3. If you could ask one question of a world leader (of education or learning), what would it be and to whom?

4. What is the biggest problem in education and learning facing the next generation and what should we do to solve it today?  How would we solve it in future?

I have shared some of my responses to these questions here and here and here on networked learning


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