Self-directed or network-directed learning?

“learners need to be network-directed, not self-directed learners.” George posted

Why can’t learners be self-directed? Self-directed learners could rely on networks to learn, however, they must also need to make their own decisions on learning, based on critical thinking and reflection. In other words, self-directed learners could also be network directed learners.  I would argue that both network directed learning and self-directed learning are equally important, in order to learn effectively.  This also ensures a balance between networked learning and personal autonomy, so the learner could grow and develop, in a networked learning environment and global learning ecology.  Based on Self-determination theory, autonomy, relatedness and competency will be important factors in motivation.  Options and choice is important for individuals in networked learning.  Professionals could learn and network effectively in networks and teams as they have already possessed the adequate literacy and skills needed, and are motivated to share because that is part of their profession.