Social Media in Learning and Education

Social media has attracted the attention from business and education. Is social media a hype? How long will social media hype last challenges the impact of social media on marketing, whilst this reinforces the importance of social media on marketing success.

How about the impact of social media on Higher Education?

How to use social networking technology in learning? It’s software that allows people to come together around an idea or topic of interest.  Social media could help in the conversation between people, so educators and learners are connected all around the world.

In this use of social media in higher education  the concerns on social media include:

1. Loss of control

2. Time commitment

3. Information overload

4. Any one can create an official account for your university

So, what are the solutions? The paper provides a good set of guidelines on how to incorporate social media in HE.

The author concluded

Social media gives us the opportunity to humanize stories of students and alumni
of our institutions, which can create loyalty and earn future business (students),
and ultimately their respect (Solis 2008).