What is wise leadership in a corporate world?

This wise leadership provides a glimpse of what leadership entails, especially at CEO level.

Learning, sharing, active communication, connecting as human beings, giving space to people to think, rewarding people is what great leaders have done, and these should be done wisely in a networked institution.

How about leadership in education?

Teachers need to become leaders as explained here

The teacher leader model is already evident at some of the highest performing schools and in the growing “school without a principal” movement where teachers collectively run the entire campus. It makes sense to encourage leadership habits because these days teachers are being held accountable for pretty much everything in education.

A teacher as a leader needs to build relationship with their students, students’ parents,  fellow colleagues, and all other staff involved in education and learning in an institution.  Teacher’s role as a leader is responsible for managing relationship of a group of people; resolving problems  within the group and agreeing courses of action.  Teacher may also be assuming a liaison role by communicating and collaborating with other groups or individuals on behalf of the group, or cooperating with others in networks and communities.


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