What is an all rounded education?

In this are we testing too much?

Randi argues:

Teachers value assessments as an important tool in their arsenal. But research shows what teachers have warned about for years — that the excessive emphasis on testing and test-prep has harmed efforts to provide students with a well-rounded education and help them develop critical-thinking skills, and has in many ways de-professionalized teaching.

To test, or not to test, that is the question.

This begs the questions:

What would be a well-rounded education?

How to develop critical-thinking skills?

In this video about reasons for studying philosophy as a major:

Philosophy has a reputation for being an impractical major. In this video the author shows why this view is mistaken.

Why major in philosophy? Here are five reasons discussed in the video:
1. It has intrinsic value.
2. It’s what a liberal arts education ought to be.
3. Employers are looking for these skills.
4. Your income expectations are higher than you might think.
5. It’s the ideal springboard degree.

So, should philosophy be part of an all rounded education, in high school, colleges and Universities?

I am deeply interested in philosophy when young, only that there were few undergraduate philosophy courses offered in the University at my time .  Some of the education philosophy courses were however available at graduate level, and I enjoyed such learning.

I think it’s good to introduce philosophy as part of the curriculum, especially in university courses.

How did you find your philosophy classes?


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