eduMOOC EPortfolios and its significance in our life

Thanks to Helen, grandmother of ePortfolios for such an inspiring talk.

Have watched it last year, when it was first posted.  In response to Heli on FB: Good for the retirees or going to be? Love what Heli quoted – we need re-wirement, only that the motivation may be a matter of re-emergence – of our presence – of peer enlightenment, self & community actualisation. Portfolio to me is a philosophy of life – how we live, learn, love, and leave a legacy (as quoted by Steven Covey) when we leave the world. I would add that these are all inscribed within our hearts and mind when we interact, and converse at a deeper level of understanding of each others. It is captured through those snapshots of life when we share, in forums, blogs, FB, Twitter etc, that once upon we have left our digital footprints (as Visitors & Residents), that makes the difference. A tiny step on the digital space, but a big impact on our mind.

Back to you.


3 thoughts on “eduMOOC EPortfolios and its significance in our life

  1. Some further comments from me on FB:
    Portfolio has been introduced for quite sometime, though the eportfolio has only been more widespread within the last decade, as Web 2.0 tools were available. Recognition (Recognition of prior learning or recognition of current competency) has been in use for a long time, and we have been using it also for the last 11 years. Putting everything on blogs/digital artifacts/specialised eportfolio like skills book, Mahara have only been popular for a few years though, and that may be more useful for institution certification and accreditation. There may be some fees charged if one is using open softwares outside institutions, though institutions could always buy a licence for including that in their inhouse platform. The challenge is the portability of the eportfolio after graduation, especially when user name and password may have expired once a student has left the institution. Have any of you tried them? I have tried the Skills Book and Mahara, pretty interesting.

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