What are the habits of great leaders? Irmeli responded: After experiencing http://www.aboagora.fi/ she added: Our duty is to re-invent the 10 habits by discovery and experiment. They don’t work any more as such.

Discovery and experiment.  That’s a sound advice in re-discovering about leadership.

Leaders are those who inspire, and influence people with their passions, dreams.  They touch the hearts of people, with their visions. Simon explained with his Golden Circle on the Why? How? What? and that people buy what they believe – the Why.   People buy into the ideas and belief of the leaders as they trust what the leaders envision.

I have a dream illustrates this well.

How about leadership in the 21st century, in a networked environment?

There is now an emerging form of Leadership – Networked Leadership, and thought leadership – In this A new Era of Leadership – From Hierarchy to Network change happens:

What is Leadership?

In conclusion Great Leadership is based on a belief that is shared by the leader, who inspires people with a vision to create a better future, for the people, the network, the community and society at large.  One of the key principles could be: Honor people, and the people will honor the leader.  Fail to honor the people, and the people will fail to honor the leader. Great leaders have a purpose and vision for change, and they see things differently, viewing challenges as opportunities to develop, improve and innovate. Great Leaders are those who serve others in the network and community, by their action, and by their sharing of beliefs, passion and dreams.  Such leadership is also embedded in each of us, through our connective action, as we contribute to the communities and networks.


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