Academic Publishing – and some of my work

What a catchy title?

Academic publishers make Murdoch look like a socialist

George writes:

Independent researchers who try to inform themselves about important scientific issues have to fork out thousands. This is a tax on education, a stifling of the public mind. It appears to contravene the universal declaration of human rights, which says that “everyone has the right freely to … share in scientific advancement and its benefits”.

Open-access publishing, despite its promise, and some excellent resources such as the Public Library of Science and the physics database, has failed to displace the monopolists.

I am in favor of open access and publications. There are however many challenges in peer reviews and publishing using blogs.  I will share my views in future posts.

Here are some of my publications with others:

Chan, JCM., Mak, KL., and Mak, S.F. (1995). Computerization of manufacturing planning and control systems in the Hong Kong manufacturing industry. Computers in Industry. Vol. 27, no3. pp.291-295, 1995.

Also available here:

Mackness, J., Mak, SFJ., and Williams, R. (2010). The Ideals and Reality of Participating in a MOOC, Seventh International Conference on on Networked Learning. May 3-4,  2010

Mak, SFJ., Williams, R., and Mackness, J. (2010)  Blogs and Forums as Communication and Learning Tools in a MOOCSeventh International Conference on on Networked Learning. May 3-4,  2010

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