Water is life, and that kind of knowledge…

On Connections – where water as knowledge metaphor flows.

If you understand something today, it must be already obsolete.

A detective story.

We made history, & we are history. When we’re gone, technology is here to stay, changing.


2 thoughts on “Water is life, and that kind of knowledge…

  1. Hi John, I read about fluvial geomorphology which hadn’t heard of before today – from an engineering project they are doing at work – to look at the flow of rivers and streams and their natural interactions with their environments. They are looking at where people have engineering / manufactured interventions such as use of concrete to interrupt flows – now analysing to see how their natural flow goes across different environments and how to encourage more natural sustainable water management options. The engineering side is a bit beyond me but sounded interesting in relation to your metaphor,

    Also looked further and found:

    Click to access V13chap1.pdf

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