#Change11 Future of Gaming

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What is the educational value of gaming in learning?

In this paper of Video games and the Future of Learning, the authors conclude that:

“We need to understand how game players develop effective social practices and skills in navigating complex systems, and how those skills can support learning in other complex domains. And most of all, we need to leverage these understandings to build games that develop for players the epistemic frames of scientists, engineers, lawyers, and other valued communities of practice—as well as games that can help transform those practices for experienced.”

So, different communities or networks of practice have different ways of thinking and action.  Educators would act like educators, and learners would act like learners.  MOOCers would act like MOOCers 🙂

How would games help in building the networks and communities?  What are your online game favorites?  What criteria did you use to choose those games?

As shared in my previous posts, I am new to online game 🙂

Postscript: This presentation on gamification sounds interesting.



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