#Change11 Who are the Bloggers?

This year in review, about Bloggers whom I know:

Stephen shared his valuable experience on blogging here, which is enlightening. George provided wonderful insights through his blog and the one on Connectivism.  Dave’s posts on rhizomatic learning are refreshing. Steve has encouraged more teachers to blog through his compelling post.  Nancy White shared her social artistry here with lots of wonderful experience.  Jim Groom shared some of the most wonderful posts and artifacts here.  David Wiley on Open education is fantastic.  Jenny has posted many thoughts provoking posts throughout the Change11, and this Selfish blogger is an eye opener for me.

You would surely won’t like to miss: Martin WellerTony BatesDave SnowdenGraham AttwellRoy WilliamsFrances Bell, Matthias Melcher,  Rita KopZaidLearnNellie Deutsch

There are many prominent bloggers here: Jane HartJay CrossClark QuinnHarold Jarche.

Here is a list of bloggers on Change11

If I have missed any of you here who are bloggers, I apologise for not mentioning you and your contribution to the blogosphere.  Please feel free to add your name and blog posts in the comments.


4 thoughts on “#Change11 Who are the Bloggers?

  1. Thank you for this fine piece of work. I started a tour-de-MOOC visiting all the blogs you do mention here. Must have been some work to find them.
    This end of year review is very useful.

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