#Change11 A moving story – the learning starts

Watching and listening this moving story, full of emotions, passion, led me to think about my childhood…

Everyone has a story to tell, and you are making your own story known to yourself, to the world, through your journey of life.  Only you could tell the whole story, and share.

“You are remarkable, and your footprint will leave a legacy for the world to hear, to watch and to learn” Isn’t that what story is all about?

I know not about poetry. I haven’t got the words that I want to use. I only know how to feel and sense the emotions through my heart felt words and share those using the limited words that I could spell, on this page of life.  Isn’t that enough? No, I want to describe them visually, but better still I would let the world know who I am, where I came from.  So, that is where the story begins…

The above is what I made up, so hope that my audition is adding up the emotions to her mind.


#Change11 Fascinating Tool Action Science Explorer for research

This Post on Action Science Explorer sounds so fascinating.

Here is the Demo Video.

Here is another post on Action Science Explorer:

The National Science Foundation- (NSF) funded Action Science Explorer (ASE) allows users to simultaneously search through thousands of academic papers, using a visualization method that determines how papers are connected, for instance, by topic, date, authors, etc.   The goal is to use these connections to identify emerging scientific trends and advances.

“We are creating an early warning system for scientific breakthroughs,” said Ben Shneiderman, a professor at the University of Maryland (UM) and founding director of the UM Human-Computer Interaction Lab.

“Such a system would dramatically improve the capability of academic researchers, government program managers and industry analysts to understand emerging scientific topics so as to recognize breakthroughs, controversies and centers of activity,” said Shneiderman. “This would enable appropriate allocation of funds, encourage new collaborations among groups that unknowingly were working on similar topics and accelerate research progress.”

Source: redOrbit (http://s.tt/14JtO)

I think it could be highly useful for reference management, especially for those who are pursuing advanced research like PhDs.