#Change11 No Blog is an island – MOOC as a Blogoland of Explorers & Patterners

Here are my takeaways from this Three Metaphors and a Community:

No blog is an island.

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Here is my previous post that relates to Blogging with the link to our research paper on Blogging and Forum as Communication and Learning Tools in MOOC.

MOOC as a digital network (a course with its elements, a Complex Adaptive System) on a global scale reaches out to the blogosphere, an ecology of education and learning that feeds itself with the knowledge and wisdom, based on Wisdom of Crowds, and Community Sensemaking and Wayfinding.  It has been emerging, evolving and transfiguring its shape, leading to an in search of

Identity – Personal and network Identity – Visitors and Residents.

Affiliation – Personal Affiliation with networks and communities.

Interests – Personal Interests and Network interest, goals, vision etc.

all co-evolving within blogs and outstretching to Facebook, Change11 Course site and Twitter -#Change11 and beyond.

See this using blogs paper too.

Useful References here.