#Change11 Blended Learning

This is a follow up post to my previous posts on the  New Learning Initiative with MIT and Future Education and Learning and Authentic Learning in Classroom and Higher Education.

In order to allow for the transition from the traditional classroom teaching to fully online learning, blended learning could be an effective learning strategy that leverage the merits of both classroom learning (with authentic learning) and fully online and virtual learning (like the MOOC).

Here Dr Nellie Deutsch, a global expert in Blended Learning provides an excellent overview and shares her views and experience in Blended Learning in the video below.

A re-posting of the details on Youtube by Nellie follows:

“Blended Learning (BL) in higher education addressed a workshop organized by the British Council and the Khartoum University on August 3, 2010 at Khartoum, Sudan. For further information of the workshop by Dr. Hala, please view the following learning environment:

My blended learning book: https://www.createspace.com/3631157

FYI, I provided some clarifications on the meaning of invariant constituents since I made some “voice typos” on the presentation due to the excitement. I posted the explanations on my blog: http://nellie-deutsch.com/2010/08/blended-learning-in-higher-education-around…

Blended Learning in Higher Education by Dr Nellie Deutsch.

How about your experience in blended learning?


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