#Change11 The Impact of Social Media (Part 1)

What are the impacts of Social Media on our life?

This video provides interesting perspectives. We are now having the opportunities to hide our lives behind the virtual screen, by using media or technology – FB, mobile technology – sms, text messaging, posting our ideas or opinions with our friends, colleagues, or strangers in the air, or anyone in the world who have access to the internet.  I have reflected on the educational value and impact of FB on learning here.

Has this impact on how we think and work, both online and offline?  To some extent, I think it has.

I have mentioned here how I have come up with the setting up of goals and strategies, written more than a decade ago.  Have I changed my way of doing all these and development of goals and strategies?  I have. What I have found was a need to consider these goals and strategies in relation to the changing needs of myself, whilst working, or learning online, in response to the “always on” ubiquitous technology and tools available to me, and to explore those tools and connections (agents, people) etc. that contribute to my overall learning, and those networks that I could share and contribute in the community.  I think it may be better to think about the wishes we have, rather than just the goals which would like to achieve, as that would allow us to “dream” about our vision, and thus be more imaginative and creative in setting our vision of life.  I also see some shifts in the way of developing goals, from SMART goals to goals which are more philosophical, serendipitous and tacit in nature, as I grow.

I also shared some of the points by Stephen when he says: “if you have to, set goals. But remember that excellence isn’t a goal, it’s a way of being. But I think it’s better to cultivate good habits.”  It isn’t easy to live without goals in life, as most of us do have them in our mind, but surely, some people may be happier to live without a restricted set of goals, through ongoing conversation with themselves and or with others, as I once pondered and reflected here and here, in pursuit of happiness as an on-going journey of life.

So how to learn, and develop good habits?  Here Stephen suggests in his slide the “connectivist” way of learning:

How about those learners who don’t feel interested in schools? What are some advice?  Here: We could have learning spaces that emphasize hands-on inquiry, critical thinking, collaboration, and authentic, “real world” problem solving instead of teacher lecture, rote practice, and fact regurgitation. We could have learning spaces that spark students’ imaginations and enable them to be interested, engaged learners instead of dulling them into bored compliance.

When it comes to Social Media such as FB, there are however, many implications, where we might have sacrificed and exposed ourselves to the public where I commented on a post by Grainne on FB:

“The more we post (our blogs, or curated posts, artifacts), the more FB knows about our likes/dislikes/interests, and so FB could mine our “minds” this way. I am not sure if anyone has researched on this in an “objective” third party manner. Surely, this would lead to some forms of technological determinism, if the meta-data picks up our changing interests. May be that is where semantic web could be based upon, telling us what we are looking for, whenever we ask a question. Would FB know much about us, even better than our friends, through our postings?”

I would explore and reflect on technological or media determinism in the coming posts.

I would also continue with a post on The Impact of Social Media and Internet Part 2.  Coming soon!


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