#Change11 #CCK12 University 2.0 – Sebastian Thrun

An inspiring talk on University 2.0 by Sebastian Thrun where he shared his experience in teaching the AI course for free in last fall of 2011, and his vision of education.

He is now teaching in Udacity.

Here are post and post providing updates on Massive Courses, Udacity and the Future of Online Universities.

This leaves us with lots of questions:

1. What is the role of education institution – Higher Education Institution – University?

2. What is University 2.0?

3. What would education look like when it is free, with global learners?

4. Who would likely succeed in learning this way?

5. What pedagogy would support this way of education via media and technology?

6. What are the impacts of these changes on Higher Education?

7. What are the implications of University 2.0 on education and learning?