#LAK12 Learning Analytics

Interesting presentation on Learning Analytics.  Thanks to Ana for the link.

Educators are in need for non-intrusive and automatic ways to get feedback from learners’ progress in order to better follow their learning process and appraise the online course effectiveness.  In this Learning analytics:

“The dialogue-based approach to analyse interactions in a networked learning environment using some interaction schema has some limitations. First of all, codified dialogue can be too limited in many learning situations; and second, the codes chosen might not be acceptable by other researcher. For this reason, some recent approaches to the use of dialogue in analysis of interaction propose to use data and text mining in order to help to codify the text and avoid this demanding procedures (Padilha, Almeida, & Alves, 2004).”

Relating to MOOC, this paper on The Value of Learning Analytics to Networked Learning on a Personal learning Environment by Fournier, Helene; Kop, Rita; Sitlia, Hanan provides a comprehensive evaluation of Learning Analytics.


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