#Change11 #CCK12 To teach, or not to teach, with technology?

I was totally surprised by this post on A Tech Happy Professor Reboots.  I think it has sent a very mixed message to the world. On one hand, it mentioned about the importance of establishing a relationship between professor and students in classroom teaching, with the professor as a salesman, to convince the students the importance of the message.  To me, it also suggested the use of reverse gears, to go back to “teach”, at least that is how I interpreted from the post. I am not sure if that is sending a confusing message to educators and students, that low technology is good, and high and emerging technology (blogs, videos production etc.)  is not that good for them to learn. I think educators should think about the pedagogy based on the learners’ interests, background, and skills and knowledge, and to avoid having a pendulum approach towards teaching which would lead to a misunderstanding of teaching – as a response to learning, and not for the educators just to teach, because that is required in order to cover all the teaching materials required in the syllabus.

I hope more educators would share their views and reflect on what might be important – learners and learning first? pedagogy first? Or teaching first?
This seems to me as the biggest pendulum swing ever sensed in the past few years – back to lecture, or chalk and talk. Why not? That is the easiest way to teach, as an expert. Isn’t it true?



3 thoughts on “#Change11 #CCK12 To teach, or not to teach, with technology?

  1. Hi John,
    Excellent questions! Learners and their context always need to come first, otherwise, how can connections be made? I don’t think the article was a claim that we should go back to chalk & talk, rather, that context, connecting with learners and being able to create a purpose for them to use digital tech is what may foster a more successful learning experience.

    On another note, I also think that teachers themselves need to have the passion & flair to share with learners, otherwise….introducing digital tools for learning may be more easily substituted by pen & paper.

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  3. Refer to this post and comments http://mediatedcultures.net/edparkour/a-tech-happy-professor-reboots/ and I have lots of questions – technology or pedagogy first; people first or lecture first; teaching first, or learning first; etc. I still think there are lots of missing links here. If participatory learning is important, is lecture serving its purpose – in ensuring full participation? Is going back to lecture what most educators want? May be. How about the students? What are their needs and expectations? Lectures? Web2.0 interaction? Or a combination? Chaos could be helpful to unearth the myths, and generate good questions for learning. Blindly believe in only one way of teaching seems to be the norm, rather than exception. Back to the past and lecture! And you will have a gang of soldiers, and a big group of loyal citizens and a harmonious society with all conforming to the rules, the rulers. Are these assumptions or reality? Your views are important…

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