Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Teacher

I still remember the excitement when exposed to this AI course.  I have only watched a few video clips throughout the course.

I enjoyed watching this Artificial Intelligence.

How does AI relate to our education and learning?

In this robotic teacher:

“Why not just use humans? According to a New York Times report, state education budgets have been strained by importing thousands of foreign teachers, who are increasingly unwilling to live in remote areas and on islands. I don’t think a telepresence robot can really replace a human teacher, but then again I nearly nodded off a few times in class during my teaching stint in Korea. A robot would never do that.”

Would robotic teachers be used in networks and online education?  That is the question I raised in my previous post when more Higher Education courses are delivered online, without much teacher’s presence or intervention, in particular on the assessment.

So, would it be Pedagogy first, or Technology first, or both in these types of Online Education, with technology such as Robotic Teacher?

Images: From Google


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