#Change11 #CCK12 What are the implications of using social media on one’s privacy and future study or career?

This is my follow up post on Facebook and its impact on social networking

There are promising benefit of using facebook:

“The strong linkage between Facebook use and high school connections suggests how SNSs help maintain relations as people move from one offline community to another. It may facilitate the same when students graduate from college, with alumni keeping their school email address and using Facebook to stay in touch with the college community. Such connections could have strong payoffs in terms of jobs, internships, and other opportunities. Colleges may want to explore ways to encourage this sort of usage.”

In this post relating to the  impact of posting of photos on Facebook, Dr Catherine Bond says:

“Thus, on the one hand, social networks are a valuable source of information for students, but on the other, they have become areas where students may not use these sites for their primary purpose – ‘networking’ and connecting with friends – for fear that their activities may be accessed by potential employers or ultimately affect admission to legal practice.”

There are still lots of debates about Facebook and its use, and not every educators and students are comfortable in sharing there:

“Very often, students don’t want to be Facebook friends with teachers, parents, relatives and other adults. The most logical explanation for that is that they are doing things online they don’t want the adults in their lives to see. But digital profiles are increasingly looked at as resume extensions. Kids should not post what they don’t want the adults in their lives to see, and the best deterrent for irresponsible posting is to have a wide array of adults present in students’ online world.”

For me, I would prefer sharing within my “social circles and networks” as I don’t think I would like to be sold with advertisement and posts which are hard selling to me.  Besides, what are the implications of personal photos being “exploited” for commercial purposes, on social networks and media?

Photo: Google Image

Should we be friends with our students on Facebook?  What would you choose? Why?

2 thoughts on “#Change11 #CCK12 What are the implications of using social media on one’s privacy and future study or career?

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