#Change11 #CCK12 Do you know who are watching you?

In social media, do you know who are watching you?

As shared in my post here, posting in social media exposes one’s identity with a trail of records of one’s personal profiles, posts, voices, activities, photos, videos, and artifacts.  “On one hand, social networks are a valuable source of information for students, but on the other, they have become areas where students may not use these sites for their primary purpose – ‘networking’ and connecting with friends – for fear that their activities may be accessed by potential employers or ultimately affect admission to legal practice.”

In this post, Maxine says: “Employers and hiring agents are increasingly checking potential employees’ online presence by looking at Facebook, Twitter and Google so that as young people enter the workforce, they need to be conscious of protecting themselves and setting boundaries between their social and professional lives.”

This seems to be a concern to students and employees who may not be aware of how their behavior in the social media and networks would impact on their future study or career.  This could also deter students or employees in using social media to a certain extent, especially if some of the blogs, postings, comments, personal information or photos on the social media or networks might be evaluated by their potential employers or institutions.  “Job seekers need to be mindful of this when they post online and take care when sharing confidential information, especially about former employers. Employers reported that they have found content on social networking sites that caused them not to hire the candidate.”

How would you present yourself in the networks, virtual spaces and media platforms personally and professionally?  To what extent would you ensure your privacy and security is protected in those social media and networks?  What are some of the challenges facing a digital citizen or netizen?

What strategies have you adopted in the development of digital scholarship or digital citizenship?

Postscript: This post on digital era society – social media by Danah Boyd is interesting