On innovative ideas, design and MOOC

George posted a nice post on introduction-to-instructional-design.

I particularly like the video where I am reposting it here.

Zaid has posted a wonderful slide on OER:

So where good ideas come from?

What got me thinking are some questions relating to good ideas and innovative/creative thinking:

Do we often challenge our ways of thinking or doing things differently?

How would we teach differently in classroom or online environment?  Why/Why not?

How would we learn differently in classroom or online environment? Why/Why not?

May be we have got many innovative ideas in mind, but seldom would we challenge the “status quo”, or the way people have taught and learned, because that is the way it was done, or have been done in the past.  The MOOC is one example that I reckon has made a difference, in changing how we conceive in the design of instruction, or a course, or networked learning platform.  Another example relates to how we have used to learn based on lecture for decades.  Is lecturing a better way to teach as compared to other methods at this digital age?

See these post and post relating to MOOCs.

To design a course (like MOOC) differently AND in an innovative way requires lots of new and novel ideas, and most important of all a courage to take risk, and the encounter of failures.

My questions to all MOOC conveners, organisers and potential institution providers are:

1. What are your goals, mission and vision in having MOOCs?

2. Why would you like to design MOOC with such (instructivist/constructivist/social constructivist/connectivist/post-modernist) pedagogy?

3. How would you deliver your MOOC?  What sort of technology, platforms, media, networks or community would you be working on?  Who are involved in the delivery of MOOC?

4. Who are your target participants in this MOOC?  What are their characteristics?  What are their needs and expectations?

5. What sort of support do you get from your or other institutions or providers (funding bodies)?

6. How would you evaluate your MOOC?  What criteria would you use to evaluate your MOOC?

7. What tools would you use to enhance the teaching and learning of your MOOC?

8. What would you do differently when you design and run another MOOC?


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