Research into MOOC

How do these fit into the x MOOC and Connectivist MOOCs?


2 thoughts on “Research into MOOC

  1. I am not sure where you are going with the first part of this video?
    The questions at the end are fine? Have you been answering them and gathering answers to the questions since 2008 in the various MOOCs you have attended?

  2. The video was produced based on the post here in 2010. Yes, I think I have got the “answers” for the questions through past researches. Indeed, the recent x MOOCs provide further clues on how and what learning are based on. As I didn’t have any means of comparing the two different sorts of MOOCs (i.e. connectivist MOOCs versus the instructivist (behavioral/cognitivist) MOOCs at that time (in 2010), it was difficult for me to draw any significant conclusions from previous researches. Now, there are plenty of evidences in support of the 2 MOOCs, in where and how learning is situated and appropriated. I would however, need to explore more about those x MOOCs before coming to any conclusion. What do you think? What are some of your assumptions of learning with those MOOCs?

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