Online Learning

Can online learning enhance productivity?  Here is an opportunity to enhance in a consultancy project relating to the literature review on online learning and productivity, as referred by Tony Bates.

My view is: informal and formal online learning is now becoming the most disruptive innovation ever in history, posting a “serious challenge if not threat” to the formal traditional face-to-face and lecture type of Higher Education.  This seems evidently the case with the introduction of numerous initiatives, like x MOOCs – Udacity, MITx, edX, Coursera, where huge number of students were attracted and registered in the courses.   Literature review would uncover some of the aspects many of us in the c MOOC have found, through researches on the value and power of networked learning, both in a formal and informal context.  I have posted some of the papers in my publication.

I hope I could contribute more on this consultancy project.


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