#MOOCMOOC Is mentoring part of the solution to MOOC?

Mentoring has been hailed as an effective solution in personal learning and development for decades.  It is one of the most effective strategies in apprenticeship programs, for new apprentices in trades up to PhD in Higher Education, and formal and informal development for supervisors, managers, directors etc.

Here in an article on Mentoring and Coaching:

Annual evaluation of the mentoring program has found that a majority of the protégés feel mentoring has increased their skills in program planning and implementation, and has helped them develop an understanding of the political and economic climate in the workplace. Mentors and protégés reported that the communication between them was conducted in a calm, relaxed atmosphere.

Would mentoring work in MOOC?

Alec Couros has introduced mentoring as part of the program here. Lisa Lane has also incorporated mentors into her program in the past.

Photo: Google image (Cooper and Wheeler, 2007)

I have shared my views here on mentoring in MOOC.

Development of mentoring skills – one-on-one or one on many, many on many (peer mentoring) and organisation of learning activities (like b) – provision of a mentoring workshop where every participant could volunteer to become a potential mentor of MOOC (present or future).  In other words, peer mentors could be a good starting point for existing experienced educators to provide support to other less experienced educators or novice learners.  For those people who have less experience in teaching and learning, they could be involved in the program in many ways, like working in small groups, sub-networks, or individual projects and activities of their choice, such as blog post – learning or research, twitter – learning or research, FB – learning or research and exploration and research into various tools and technology – mobile learning, and COPs and research etc.  Conduction of actual interviews with educators, professors, and report on such interviews – via videos, blog posts etc. This could be done in wikis or a forum (a space of their choice).  Some initiation and organisation will be necessary to kick start such projects or activities.

Report on the exploration of some of the media or tools – like Amplify, Diigo, Scribe, Google +, Google Documents, wikis and research articles studied etc. could all be done in wikis, forum, or blog posts sharing.

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