Thinking about MOOCs

Roy reflects on the significance of MOOC in this post on MOOC or not MOOC.

Yes, that’s resonating.  Enriched conversation in MOOC would help in binding people together, to form into peer groups.

Roy, Jenny and I have since formed such a research group post CCK08 and in CCK09. I have also joined or created groups with many others since then in various MOOCs.

I think the formation of such peer groups on various basis – like the ad-hoc ones for the preparation and presentation in CCK09 – with Francis Bell, Ken Anderson, Jenny Mackness, Heli Nurmi, Eduardo Peirano, Ailsa Haxell, Roy Williams and I etc. are examples illustrating the importance of small groups learning in MOOC.

I also think such activities provide the breeding ground for developing a Network of Practice, in its loose form, despite the weak ties.  Such groups also allow for individual autonomy whilst supporting each others to develop interests in further connections.


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