Research analytics at your finger tips….

Isn’t research analytics readily available when you need it? By studying the downloads from academic publishing site, researches could reveal the patterns of downloads, what, when and who are downloading from the sites, and thus gain a better understanding of the research life patterns of researchers.  Isn’t that a smart way to research?

If this way of analysis is applied throughout different websites, networks, communities, then it wouldn’t be surprise to have the “internet of things” offered as real-time analytics, showing you what educational sites, courses etc. are most appealing (like the x MOOCs) to people, and what those study patterns (relating to the forum postings) are like.

This could also reveal how students are interacting with each others (when real-time social network analytics are depicted), and what topics and conversations are held (with Twitter, blog posts, forum posts and comments and FB etc.).   These could all be done using  Social network analysis software.  I would however, like to see the emergence of integrated software – with videos, text, graphics, audio, all in one.

Hopefully, this would provide the key to unlock the interaction, research and learning patterns.

That is my imagined future.

One thought on “Research analytics at your finger tips….

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