Is proctored examination the solution for accreditation of xMOOCs?

Proctored examination  site-based-testing-deals-strengthen-case-granting-credit-mooc-students with Pearson.  Refer to this post on

Online learning venture edX continues to transform higher education by announcing today its agreement with Pearson VUE to offer learners the option of taking a proctored final exam.

“Our online learners who want the flexibility to provide potential employers with an independently validated certificate may now choose to take the course exam at a proctored test site,” said Anant Agarwal, president of edX.  “This option enhances the value of our courses in the real world, helps us maintain our goal of making high-quality education both accessible and practical and thus is a natural evolution of edX’s core philosophy of transforming lives through education.”

Identity and cheating online may be solved with such proctored examination.

Getting accreditation and awarding qualifications based on these xMOOCs would surely be good news for those who would like to pursue alternative pathways in education through their participation and assessment in the courses.

This may also be the last hurdle that HE has to overcome in order to get accreditation and recognition with their xMOOCs developed and so they would be rated as equivalence to the standard set for the mainstream courses.

Following this trend, I could foresee a similar growth pattern in the exploitation of x MOOC as a way to get accreditation in various HE institutions.

A fee for service would likely be required to get such accreditation with the xMOOC institutions (refer to this post too).

There may also be further proctored examinations or assessment organised by various other HE institutions to allow students who have completed the x MOOC be exempted from attendance of the courses.


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