Machine Learning

I am still thinking what it means when learning of subjects such as Mathematics, Algebra etc. is based on machines – the machine learning as elaborated by David Hu here.

It seems that the machine learning software could capture all the “learning” and “assessment” progress and results for any students who logged into the system.

Relating to the learning analytics that is available in analysing the individual student’s progress and units completed, I am thinking about:

(a) To what extent would such learning analytics be useful in monitoring the student’s progress?

(b) What about student’s confidentiality and privacy in learning?  Would there be a need of consent statement given by the students for the disclosing of such data to any one involved (including the teacher) in the education process?

Finally, would we want our students be taught and graded by machines?  What are the implications if such machine learning is used to replace teachers’ teaching in K-12?


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