What are the success factors in education?

What are the success factors in education in the world?

Is it based on highly qualified and trained teachers?  Is it due to well-developed education system?  Is it due to well supported learning environment?  Is it based on learning community?

First, how is student success measured in the world?

See this pisa and post on education ranking.

PISA Measuring student success in the world

Second, how do educators and administrators view their country’s education system?

In a related post what-Americans-keep-ignoring-about-Finlands-school-success, the author concludes that: “the goal of the program that Finland instituted, resulting in so much success today, was never excellence. It was equity.”

Here is the education of Shanghai, China

How about other country like Singapore?

In Japan, integrated learning is emphasised.  It is important to develop independent thinking, creativity, and problem solving skills.  A focus on solving problems of the community is also the basis of integrated learning.

In this study on second-chances-in-education:

There is no doubt that greater proficiency at early ages is an advantage for further education and creates opportunities for additional studies that may not be as readily available to low-achievers. While taking the most common path – through secondary and then directly on to university-level education – appears to maximise improvements in reading proficiency, not everyone takes that route. The evidence in this unique study shows that learning does not end with compulsory education. Second-chance programmes and flexibility in education systems can help young people who have not had the advantages of supportive learning environments early in their lives to improve their reading proficiency later on.

This indicates the importance of continuous life long learning, and second chance program in education, which would help people to improve their reading proficiency.

What are the success factors common across those top performers?

1. An emphasis of education by the country.

2. Selection of teachers who are passionate in teaching and supportive of students’ learning.

3. Provision of professional development for teachers.

4. An emphasis of certain skill sets such as independent thinking, creativity and problem solving in the education and learning curriculum, centered around the needs and future development of the community and nation.

5. Supportive learning community – such as those in Singapore, with Professional Learning Community (PLC).

6. A focus on the use of new and emerging technology like mobiles and tools in enhancing learning.  This is widely used in the classroom teaching and learning in Singapore.


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