Exploration with MOOCs

I have just watched Jenny and her team’s slideshow here.   It is fantastic.  I would like to congratulate her and her team on such fabulous work and outcome.
She has shared her reflection here and I found them very useful in the research into MOOCs.
Jenny’s team focuses on the development of formal facilitation and the associated digital literacy and skills, and so that is really aligned with the institution’s course objectives.
Here are my questions to Jenny and her team:
1. What are the differences in approach for you (and your team) to work on this MOOC as compared to the conventional delivery (i.e. the closed online delivery)?
2. What are the success factors in the design and delivery of this MOOCs?   How are they perceived by the participants?
3. What does it cost for you and others and your institution to design, deliver, assess, and research in such MOOC?   How does it compare to the conventional design, delivery, assessment and research?
4. What are the areas that you and your team are satisfied with?  What are the areas that your participants are satisfied with?
5. Would you and your team have done differently if you were to design and deliver and MARKET the MOOC?  What would you like to change if that is the case?
In summary: What are your team’s and your learning from this MOOC?
Jenny responded that they are still writing the papers 🙂
I am not conducting research on your MOOC as I haven’t been involved in it.
I hope some of the above questions might help in revealing the effectiveness and efficiency of MOOC in an online education and learning environment, especially under the auspice of institution(s), or partnering with other institutions.
I am also interested in knowing the effectiveness and efficiency of MOOCs in driving the change within institutions.
Thanks to Jenny Mackness who kindly shared her research progress through her posts and responded to my questions to her in email.