MOOC x.0 is coming our way!

MOOC 2012 would most likely be called Education 2.0  when millions of students have signed for the various MOOCs.   There are more than 1.4 Courserians with Coursera and a total of 33 Universities have partnered with Coursera.  There are other MOOCs providers including Udacity and EdX.

Who started off all these MOOCs? What were the historical roots? What was the origin of MOOC?

David Wiley was named the first person to offer a MOOC here.  The term MOOC was coined in 2008 by Dave Cormier and Bryan Alexander in response to an open online course designed and led by George Siemens and Stephen Downes.   (See wikipedia)

How was the early MOOCs like?

The course was called “Connectivism and Connective Knowledge” and was presented to 25 tuition-paying students at the University of Manitoba in addition to 2,300 other students from the general public who took the online class free of charge.  Refer to this MOOC Guide on how MOOC worked and this Change MOOC on how the course works.

What would this MOOC be called?

Is it MOOC 2.0 or MOOC x.0?  We have c MOOC and x MOOCs.

How do the x MOOCs work?

What caused the changes in this education movement?

See these posts here and here.

What are the implications of MOOCs?

College will never be the same again.

What MOOCs are missing truly transform Higher Education?

What would be the next MOOCs like?  Would it be MOOC x.o?

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