#Oped12 What sort of education is needed in Higher Education?

In this We don’t need no education:

The only reason why the Chinese system can be so rigorous and demanding is because the Chinese place a high value on education. Being a teacher is seen as a high-status occupation, not a fallback career.

Placing high value on education surely would provide a nation with competitive advantage.

What sort of education system would be needed in nations to maintain such a competitive edge under a global economy?

Part of solutions lies with the provision of open education system and resources, whereas another part of the solutions includes the adoption of innovative and creative approaches in teaching and learning.

Treat primary teachers like doctors sounds a good idea.  Would that work in developed countries?

There are significant challenges in education, including the funding problem.   We seem to be experiencing the Higher Education Bubble, where education is simply too expensive as a commodity for some people who couldn’t afford it.

Online education sounds promising, in that it could reduce the cost of design and delivery significantly, as teaching and learning no longer is bounded by the brick and mortar – the traditional classrooms.

However, there are also trouble with online education, where the learners may feel isolated in their journey, due to various factors such as lack of skills, confidence or support.

Learning must start from the learners, as teachers are gradually perceived as guides on the sides, at this digital age. Doctors are always in demand as the citizens are aging and having health problems. Would that be the case for educators? I think the problem of education go further than the educators’ status, qualifications etc. It has to go back to the system, as what we could learn from the quality education and movement.

Education is valued differently at different times, and that we are now at a transition from industrial type of mass education to a personalized and democratized sort of education.

Changing the clothing (education) for a person would surely make a difference in the appearance. However, what makes one an educated and learned person requires more than just a good appearance with the clothing. If we couldn’t get better designers in the clothing, then we might have to think about what could be done instead.

We might need to encourage and support the design of education which could transform not just the surface appearance, but the creative and innovative way of education and learning, for and with each of our educators and learners.

Here are some innovative initiatives in Higher Education:

1. Open Learning Initiative under an institutional framework

2. Disruptive innovation such as the MOOC – x MOOC and the continued development of MOOCs (refer to this True History of MOOCs recordings for details about the original MOOCs and some aspects of c MOOCs versus x MOOCs).

3. Narrowing the gaps of net generation with the use of technology in teaching and learning through various networks and platforms.


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