Religious belief

As a Catholic, my strength comes from our Saviour Jesus Christ, my Lord, and our God. So, I came from my parents and I will go to the One who created me. There is nothing for me to fear in my life with His help, though I am just a human with all human weaknesses. When I am under anxiety or threat, I could pray to Him, and He would relieve me from such anxiety. When I am suffering from pains, my Lord would carry me through the hard times and strengthen me with His Holy Spirit. That’s my belief and faith.
I am certain that God creates Human with a purpose – and that is where Salvation through Jesus is revealed to the Mankind.
Fame and honors are like the clouds, they would come and go, but the Love of God would be like the air in the space, it is here for us to breathe and feel.
I don’t know if you have a religion. No matter what religion you are in, may God bless you all. He is the divine who loves us all, you and me.

“God’s law is like breathing; a disturbance in it brings fear and keeping it is in response to the Life He breathes in us. Psalm 119:117-176” A quote posted by Arielion on FB.

I have posted my religious belief some time ago, in the comments of my main page.  Have that changed my life?  I have been thinking about how my belief impacts on the way I look into my life, and those around me, and the world at large.

I realize that it is rather rare to share religious beliefs and thoughts through one’s blogs or social networks or media.  Why?

As it is more about emotions than reasons, I think people would immediately relate to “feeling, emotions, and perceptions” and would find it somewhat overly about oneself, when it comes to connection to the world.

Should life be more about thinking, reflecting and learning about how we sense, feel and perceive the world, based on the “facts” and “beliefs” that we grapple with?  How would you be able to enrich your life through those feelings, sensing and experiences?

Most of us would not like to disclose our inner thoughts and feelings in public, and we would seldom share our religious beliefs as it seems not many people are interested in that.  Besides, it sounds too egoistic and narcissistic, if one is to share them in a personal space, and “broadcast” to the world.

This may also have an impact on one’s private life and profession.   Isn’t that a concern for you when you share such thoughts and feelings in public?

Nevertheless, I still think I would benefit and value on certain aspects of meditation and mindfulness when it comes to our life, and so I would like to share my reflection through this “first post” on my religious belief.

Here are some of the questions that I found interesting, and would like to explore:

1. I don’t see much connections when it comes to religious posts, especially when it relates to different religions.  Why are connections to different religions so difficult?  Are religious beliefs and education connecting or disconnecting human’s minds?

2. How are religious beliefs formed in human?  What cause the similarities and differences in our reactions to certain religious beliefs?  What sort of emotional responses would help or hinder our pursue of truths in our religious beliefs?

3. Religions had always been divided into “zones” of beliefs for centuries among mankind.  What are the basic beliefs that are common among all religions?  What are the basic beliefs that are different among all religions?

4. Do people change their religious beliefs throughout their lives?  To what extent have social media and social networking impacted on such changes?   Would a change in health, education or personal life experience change one’s beliefs?   How about your experiences in such changes, if any?

In this connection, I think there were some people that I had never met but had touched my heart.  They had left us with some wonderful thoughts in their footprints:

Chase your dream and follow your passion.  How about your thoughts on life, wealth and success?  How do these relate to your religious beliefs?