#CFHE12 #Oped12 The droids are taking our jobs

Having watched this, I wonder what it means when jobs done by humans are being replaced by droids.

Even machine could grade our work.  Another MOOC bottleneck solved.

“With the current speed online education is developing – every week some 70.000 students sign up for the 200 Coursera courses – it will not be long before other computational problems will be solved.”

Computer could help in doing lots of things, improving computerized grading of short essays.  The problem is, it is still based on an algorithm. Human expresses feelings and emotions that are more subtle and difficult to be interpreted, even with the best algorithms in the world, I suppose.

Again, this comes back to the assumptions we made, as I have suggested in my proposed Assumption Theory.  What have we assumed in this sort of application?  Can we assume that we learn better as the machine learnt what we have learnt, like machine learning?  Are we becoming the machine? Machine in us, and us in the machine.

If the machine is to grade my essay here, would it pass me?  I don’t think any machine would be able to grade my essay “properly” unless such grading criteria has incorporated my views.  But that is a philosophical question, rather than a critical question.

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What do you think?


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