The meme of 2012

What is the most popular meme in 2012?

I wonder if Gangnam style be the most popular one. Here is just one of them – with MIT.

Another from Stanford University.

Alec says in his post:

It’s not quite factual (as argued elsewhere) that the song ‘lacked’ a copyright, but it is certainly clear that Psy has encouraged the remix and reuse of the song which has led to some incredible statistics(such as being the first video to reach 1 billion views). And, besides the ability to reuse/remix, the song is just downright catchy.

That’s an interesting trend, with meme after meme snowballing to become a tsunami meme. I hope it could initiate more awareness on what it means to human when connected through such meme. Sometimes, it could become a disruptive technology, setting off a new benchmark for people to catch up.

What sort of changes would these set up with the rest of the world? What are the impacts of “Gangnam” culture on the “mainstream culture”? History would hint us that these would all undergo a life cycle of – introduction, growth and development, maturity and then obsolescence.

This has been the case for rock and roll, pop music, and so is the “DIY” – remix and repurpose culture. May be the biggest change is the concept of Open “musical” resources where people would continue to create parodies out of these memes. What do you think?

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