Meme of 2012 Part 2

This is my continuation of previous post of the meme of 2012.

Most of the narratives and artistic works had been created & re-created based on remixing & retooling, in its various forms. Even trees’ growth are the results of fractals. What I have suggested was that meme could be made up of fractals (meme) combining and remixing with other forms of fractals (meme), as these narratives, pictures, painting, photos, stories, music, videos are re-created and re-born through the connections. These were then broadcasted, or transmitted through the various media, tools (blogs, wikis), and videos (Youtube), slideshares, etc. and then multiplied and remixed by many others, with a “fractal formation and development” on a macroscopic scale. Professional performing artists have all been the “fractal creationist” and we might join in by “helping” on the remixing or re-purposing of those fractals in the networks. The life cycle of typical Charlie Bit My Finger would then be repeated in its spirit, when new and emergent ideas are mixed together, leading to perhaps another hype.

In summary, I have been conceiving MOOCs as meme of an emerging kind of fractals (ideas, ideology, education platform, landscape, networks – from a microscopic to a macroscopic scale) where information, knowledge and wisdom are transmitted and broadcasted and mediated via tools, human agents, actors, and activities. They are reconfigured and re-reconfigured in a complex knowledge and learning ecology and is emergent in nature.