#CFHE12 #Oped12 Good to great teachers – Part 2

What are the differences between good and great teachers? This is part 2 of my previous post.

Here are some posts and videos: post 1,

good versus great teachers

This list provides an interesting contrasts between great teachers and good teachers.

  • Great teachers are in the talent-finding and talent-development business.
  • Merely good teachers think they are mostly in the business of teaching stuff and helping students so that it gets learned.
  • Great teachers are aiming for the future: are these students better able to succeed on their own after me and without me?
  • Merely good teachers look mostly to the past: did they learn what I taught and did they do what I asked of them?
  • Great teachers decide what not to teach to ensure lasting emphases and memories
  • Good teachers cover a lot of ground while making the content as interesting as possible.
  • Great teachers delight in smart-alecks and skeptics who clearly have raw but undirected talent.
  • Good teachers are often threatened or bothered by smart alecks and skeptics.
  • Great teachers know us better than we know ourselves, especially in terms of intellectual character.
  • Good teachers merely know us as students of the subject.
  • Great teachers get more from us than we thought possible to give
  • Good teachers have high expectations and passions, and think that the rest is up to us.
  • Great teachers sometimes bend the rules and fudge the grades on behalf of raw student talent.
  • Good teachers uphold standards and grade according to the scores students earned.

I love that.

Have you ever challenged your learners?  Have you ever taken risks?  Taking reasonable risks could be one of the characteristics of great teachers, as they would push the boundaries of thinking, knowing and learning, challenge the learners, leading or guiding them to unknown territories, and inspiring them to reach their highest potential.

Great teachers could be each one of you, in the collectives as Professor John Seely Brown mentions in this video:

In reflection, I found the greatest teachers to be ones who put their learners first, who inspire, and support them in their journey of life.  They could be your parents, your brothers or sisters, your school teachers, your classmates, your relatives, or your best friends.

Here is my share:

A good teacher gives students the fish so they would get enough “food” for the day.

A great teacher shares the harvest of fishing with their students.  He/she teaches students not only how to fish, but inspire them to fish so they could earn a living with fishing and appreciate the significance of such act of life.  They walk their walk with their students, by telling great stories of fishing, and reflecting together with the students.

What about your stories?


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